underground exhibition space

two shadows, three seats

soon it will be over


you sat there at the table / a glass of wine / half empty / lipstick on it / the mild winter sun in your eyes

7am train


design flea market in the halls of Tour & Taxis Brussels, 2014

deserted fun fair on a sunny afternoon

midnight at the parking lot

there’s light under the city

the odd side of horse racing

he lives downstairs

birds view on squares

a city by a big river named after a small river


the emptiness around me was not only to see but to feel on my skin

the corner table right above the waterfall at Schwellenmaetteli, Bern, shot with a mobile 2012

A lost image of the beautiful Swiss city Solothurn which I found by strolling through my archive

urban exploration

late night at the american diner

shining lights in the city at night

scenes from a funfair II

BBS Lichterfelde/Altmark IV, 2013

BBS Lichterfelde/Altmark III, 2013